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Free coffee available in Andover !

On Tuesday 1st October Costa will be giving out free drinks all day from there Express machines !!

Express FCD

Fancy a free cup of coffee? ☕️ On 1st October we will be giving out free drinks all day from our Express machines ? Save the date and tag a mate! ?

Gepostet von Costa Coffee am Donnerstag, 19. September 2019

On Tuesday 1st October 2019, all participating Costa Express machines in the UK will be free of charge for 24 hours.

You will be able to take your pick from anything on the Express machine’s menu, choosing from classics including Americano, Latte, Espresso and Cappuccino, or even just a good old hot chocolate.

While none of the Express machines are taking money, you’ll also be able to personalise your hot drink too, completely free of charge, adding extra coffee shots and syrups to your drink.

Costa also says people should sign up to their Costa Coffee Club app and scan it when claiming their freebie, as everyone that claims a free drink and has the app will also be entered into a prize draw, to win a top prize of free Costa Coffee for a year.