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Gareth Richardson – Ultra Marathon for Children’s Tablets!

Gareth Richardson has done it! Gareth has ran the equivalent of an Ultra Marathon (48 miles) in 48 hours!

Gareth ran 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours (which equates to 48 miles). This was done in aid of supporting local group – Tablets for children, who have raised as much as £7500! This has bought 127 tablets (the electrical kind) to help support those who need one most, during ‘Lockdown 3’. Families across the nation have not been able to afford additional electrical devices to help support home education.

Ryan Rawlinson, local man from Andover, spotted this potential disastrous financial situation to be in:

– Either families go without, to purchase the new tablet (or tablets) OR the child goes without home-schooling and education for the foreseeable.

So Ryan set up ‘Tablets for children’. Local businesses and the general public have kindly donated funds to assist Ryan in purchasing and distributing tablets to schools (where they subsequently distribute to the relevant families).

On the 6th February Gareth wrote a post to the page saying ‘Can’t Sleep!! Mind got me thinking and I’m now wide awake planning…So, I’ve decided to do the 4x4x48 Challenge on the 20th February 2021. 4 miles, every 4hrs over 48hrs. All monies raised will be transferred to Tablets For Children to help fund Tablets to help children with home schooling. I’m looking to raise a minimum of £500 if I reach £500 I will do another 4 miles to make it to 2 full marathons.’

So we caught with Gareth so he can tell us all about the event:

LoveAndover: So Gareth – Tell me a bit about yourself!

Gareth: My name is Gaz and I’m 32 years of age. I have 2 beautiful kids, which is also part of why I chose ‘Tablets for Children’. I’m ex Army and now work as a PT as well as an regional manager for Fusion Occupational Health.

LoveAndover: Tell me a little more about what it is you’re looking to do?

Gareth: It is an ultra-marathon with a twist. It is a virtual run, but you actually have to run. You just can run it wherever you want to do the run. It is real simple. You run 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours. At the end of 48 hours you will have run 48 miles.

LoveAndover: What inspired you to take up the challenge?

Gareth: There are children across the country that are finding it hard every day to do their home-schooling so because they are having a tough time I thought I’d put myself through a tough time to help those that need a break.

LoveAndover: What made you choose Tablets for Children?

Gareth: When Ryan set up Tablets for Children and seeing how many children across the country that are without the access to online learning. I felt if I could help in anyway to fund children across the UK this would be the perfect Charity to choose.

LoveAndover: How do people donate?

Gareth: Simply head to my crowdfunding page!

Gareth during the 4 miles x 4 hours x 48hours Ultra Marathon!

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From everyone here at LoveAndover – Well done Gareth! Fantastic effort, you are an absolute #LockdownLegend

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