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Go Draw Andover – What people think about it

During April , People in Andover are being challenged to Go Draw every day. Each day has a different theme. With hints, tips and encouragement available online it is hoped that hundreds of people will pick up a pencil or pen (or indeed anything!) and Go Draw.

The project is run by The Artroom. The Artroom is a well-established centre for art in Andover and the surrounding area, working with both adults and children in groups and in schools and with individuals. The Artroom is delighted to be organising yet another exciting community project. 

John, from The Artroom, says “I’m so pleased with the way that Go Draw Andover has started off! There are people all over the Andover area picking up pencils and pens and drawing away! Drawing is such an important part of Art, it is also something that instinctively children do.. but as we get older, we seem to forget how to draw, or probably become more self-conscious and are unwilling to try. Go Draw Andover has allowed people to have a go! There is a wonderfully supportive community developing on the Go Draw Andover Facebook page. It’s not too late to join in. We would be delighted if anyone would like to join in, don’t worry that you might have missed the first week or so… just get yourself sorted with something to draw on and something to draw with … and then Go Draw. It has been so exciting to see all the amazing drawings that people have been sharing online. From very young children to adults, those who are experienced in drawing to those that haven’t picked up a pencil to draw with for years, all sharing their work! It’s wonderful”

A group has been set up on Facebook called Go Draw Andover the group is for people to share their drawings and to comment on what they have been up to in the Go Draw Andover drawing festival.

What local people are saying about this event

Debby Bennett says, “A supportive and kind community has grown from Go Draw Andover. By pushing me out of my comfort zone, I have learned new techniques, and drawn things I wouldn’t have previously tried.I would be delighted if this group could continue after April”

Chris Moore says, “This has given me a ‘second wind’ in this (very long) difficult period in everyday life. The first thing I do, even before breakfast, every day is look to see if the daily prompt has arrived and, if it has, a couple of hours – or less, sometimes a lot more – are spent in a happy place. I echo a previous comment and would be absolutely delighted for the group to continue in some way.”

Joan Wilden says, “Would be delighted, If this group could continue have found it to be informative and fun to do as I live alone and another outlet for my trying to be creative.”

Stacey Court-Martin says, “It’s such an inspirational and supportive group. I don’t stress or worry what people think about my work, and I really enjoy seeing other people’s drawings. The daily themes definitely keep me on my toes and thinking about something other than what’s going on in daily life.”

Natasha Tonge says, “My 5 year old daughter and I look forward to seeing what the challenge of the day is. We aren’t the best but we are having fun together and everyone at Go Draw Andover are supportive and kind with their words.

Abby Stoker says, “We love looking at all the drawings and supportive comments,my son and daughter are excited to find out each days theme . Great to have a calming activity we can all enjoy together and connect with other artists.”

Maija Liepins says, “A delightful range of responses brightening my newsfeed each morning in thematic doses.”

Badger Marsh says, “Keeping me sane in quarantine, we are a family who loves art and we love doing art together. Me personally, I’m loving all the posts from the kids having a go. Art is my therapy

Tabitha Riddle says, “The group is so supportive and encouraging. The daily drawing tasks have got my creative mojo back after losing it for a few weeks. It’s a lovely little group.”

You can still join in this event by following the Facebook page Go Draw Andover and look out for the daily theme post.

Here are some of the drawings that we have enjoyed looking at so far this month. Visit the Facebook page , Go Draw Andover, for the full range of wonderful drawings shared by local Andover people.