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Harmonies Beyond Boundaries: Simon Woodley’s Musical Magic Takes Centre Stage at WEOS November Concert

The WEOS November concert was performed by SIMON WOODLEY, a popular pianist and vocalist from Christchurch in Dorset, making his second appearance for the Club. 

The deviation from the usual electronic keyboard entertainment was fully appreciated by the Weyhill Fairground Hall audience as Simon, with his extensive musical repertoire, was able to present a varied programme and, although classically trained, provided music to suit most tastes.

In addition to well-known Classical pieces, the evening included music from shows such as My Fair Lady and Phantom of the Opera, from films such as Mary Poppins and The Mission, plus songs associated with Elton John, Tony Bennett and Queen.  Simon also performed music associated with a number of countries selected by the audience and, for good measure, used his baritone voice to sing several popular numbers.  This was indeed a concert of music in its purest form. 

Why not go along and experience the Club entertainment for yourself?  The next concert has a Christmas flavour and will be staged on Thursday 21 December.  More information, including concert reviews, can be found on the Club website, www’