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Have your say: Public asked to shape borough’s future development plans

Communities are being asked to help shape future development plans as Test Valley Borough Council has launched a consultation on a major planning document.  

The Local Plan (Regulation 18 Stage 1) is the first draft of policies and guidelines for new developments. At this stage, it focuses solely on strategic matters and includes the number of new homes required by government and other strategic planning priorities, such as tackling climate change.

The council will use people’s comments and feedback to refine the document and draft more detailed policies, which will include identifying the location of major development sites. This additional information will be included in the Regulation 18 Stage 2 Local Plan, scheduled for public consultation later this year.

The consultation will last eight weeks and closes on 8 April. Members of the public can view the Local Plan and submit their comments at www.testvalley.gov.uk/localplan2040

Planning portfolio holder, councillor Phil Bundy, said: Planning portfolio holder, councillor Phil Bundy, said: “The Local Plan plays such a pivotal role in making sure that people have access to good quality homes to rent and buy, access to jobs, schools and medical facilities. It can help people who have grown up in a particular village to continue living in the same area when they choose to move out of the family home, or to downsize from it. It has a very real impact on people’s lives and so it is incredibly important that our residents and communities are able to help shape future development in their area.

“We have committed to making this process as transparent and accessible as possible. Please do take a look at our plans and share your thoughts, as your feedback is absolutely critical to the creation of the new Local Plan for the borough.”