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Help shape the Vision for Hampshire 2050

Hampshire County Council

As Hampshire County Council embarks on a Commission of Inquiry to help develop a Vision for Hampshire to 2050, residents and businesses, communities and organisations are being asked their views on key areas likely to shape Hampshire’s future.

Leader of Hampshire County Council, Roy Perry, explained

Hampshire is great place to live and work, with a prosperous economy, rich and diverse environment and good quality of life.

There is no doubt the world is changing and over the next 30 years, there will be significant changes that will affect everyday life; from the digital revolution to advances in healthcare and changing work patterns, and change in climate and weather patterns.  These changes are happening at a rapid pace, bringing with them huge challenges.

This is why we have set up a Commission of Inquiry –Hampshire 2050 – to examine some of the key themes that will have an impact on all of us into the future.  We want to gather views from experts and communities about these changes and  how we need to adapt to ensure a good future for Hampshire.”

The Commission will be looking at six key themes:

  • Demographic and societal changes: including changing population and living patterns, and the impact in terms of health and social care, housing and employment
  • Economy: the future of the Hampshire economy in the context of Brexit, increasing globalisation and potential digital and automation revolutions
  • Work, Skills and Lifestyle: future learning and working patterns, and the skills needed in a post digital future as well as the wider quality of life within Hampshire such as arts, leisure and culture
  • Environment and Quality of Place: Hampshire’s main economic asset – the impact of a changing climate, different patterns of living and working, and competing demands on countryside and farmland on environmental quality, character and quality of life in Hampshire
  • Mobile, Connectivity and Energy: the transport impact of electric powered and autonomous vehicles, smart technology in homes and workplaces, communications technology, and future energy issues
  • Rural Hampshire: how economic, social, technological and environmental changes are likely to affect rural communities and the potential for a rural renaissance

Councillor Perry continued “We are calling for expert evidence to be presented to a panel of Commissioners who represent a wide cross section of the population of different ages and backgrounds.  We want to gather this evidence and hear from the wider community so we can develop a vision which will put Hampshire in the best possible position for future generations.

Hampshire 2050 will link to national plans, such as the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan and its focus on housing and infrastructure to inform potential economic deals for Hampshire.

Hampshire residents are invited to complete an online questionnaire on each of the six key themes about what may happen in the future, what the impact of this will be, and how the County Council and partner organisations need to respond to this.

These views will be used to inform the evidence presented. Residents should have their say by the following dates:

  • Demographic and societal challenges – 29 June 2018
  • Economy – 13 July 2018
  • Work, skills and lifestyle – 24 August 2018
  • Environment and quality of place – 12 October 2018
  • Mobility, Connectivity and Energy – 23 November 2018
  • Rural Hampshire – 21 December 2018

Once the hearings have been a completed, a full report on the findings of the Commission will be presented to the County Council in the summer of 2019 and made publicly available.

More information can be found at:www.hants.gov.uk/aboutthecouncil/haveyoursay/visionforhampshire2050