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Hope for Isaac “I don’t want my little boy to die”

Hope for Isaac fundraising Butters Andover
Hope for Isaac: Maxine and Isaac

Caring Andover people came out in force for an event to help a young boy’s life.

Isaac Blake who celebrated his 4th birthday today (15th October 2017) at Butters Cafe was centre of attention at a fundraiser to help his rare condition.

Young Isaac has the rare Allen-Hurden-Dudley disease which means he can suffer up to 50 seizures a day and suffers respiratory problems on a daily basis. The condition is so rare there are only 25 reported cases of it worldwide.

Caring legal guardian Maxine Rothchester said that funds raised today would improve the quality of his limited life, “This is about the quality, not the quantity of life”.

On Monday this week, Isaac’s specialist consultant at the Dove Clinic in Winchester gave Maxine the devastating news that he would have only one day left to live.

Against his specialist’s prediction, with occasional smiles and attached to a tracheotomic drip, delicate little Isaac was able to attend his birthday fundraiser.


As reported this week in the Andover Advertiser, the ‘Hope for Isaac’ fundraising event packed Butters Cafe on the High Street with live musical performances from event organiser Jake Ward and local singer Lizzie Cullen.  The event also featured a a raffle, face-painting and an auction.

Maxine is looking to raise £10,000 to help Isaac’s quality of life with a medicine the NHS have yet to provide, meaning she has to purchase the drug from private clinics – the cost for Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) is £2,000 for a 60-day supply.

Maxine who took on legal responsibility for Isaac when she heard of his plight said, “He is basically unadoptable and I really didn’t want him to be passed around the care system. I am glad he’s come out today so people can get to meet my precious little boy.”

The fundraising page on GoFundMe makes giving donations very easy. Maxine adds, “I’m so very grateful to each and every one of you who have already donated please help us, I don’t want my little boy to die”.

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