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Introducing Andover’s Very Own Chocolate Factory

Given the recent film depicting a famous fictitious chocolatier’s origin story, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share the beginnings of Andover’s own chocolate factory!

Enjoy!’s story began with their founder, Chris Crutchley – a man on a mission to open up the joy of eating delicious chocolate to as many people as possible, regardless of dietary needs. Unable to eat mainstream confectionery for years due to dairy, soya and refined sugar intolerances, he was miserable at facing a life of misery without chocolate! “Free from” confectionery either tasted unpleasant or he reacted to it, so Chris decided to make his own.

In 2014, after months of wreaking havoc experimenting in the home kitchen, he finally created a great-tasting dark chocolate bar his body could tolerate. When tested on friends and family, it satisfied not only those with tricky food issues but also discerning chocolate lovers!

Currently, their recipes and factory are free from the following 6 allergens on the Food Standard Authority (FSA)’s list:

● Dairy

● Soya

● Egg

● Gluten

● Peanut

● Tree nuts (hazelnut, cashew, pistachio, Brazil nut, macadamia, walnut, almond, pecan.)

In addition, Enjoy!’s products do not contain the following FSA-listed allergens and we work hard with our suppliers to minimise risk of these allergens entering our ingredients:

● Sesame

● Crustaceans

● Molluscs

● Fish

● Celery

● Lupin

● Mustard

● Sulphites

Although they can’t offer you a boat trip down a chocolate river whilst being serenaded by orange people, you can enjoy their delicious chocolate, which is available on their website and in selected stores.