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Jamie G Sporting Trust Elevates Andover Hockey Club

In a heartwarming display of community support, the Jamie G Sporting Trust recently made a significant contribution to the Andover Hockey Club. The impact of this donation was palpable during a proud moment shared at John Hanson School, where the Andover Hockey Club gathers for weekly training sessions.

Committee members Adam Knight and Nicky Bates stood tall as they presented a cheque of £439.36 to Bob MacDonald, the esteemed head of goalkeeping at the club. The donation couldn’t have come at a better time for the club, which cherishes its goalkeeping department as a crucial aspect of its success.

Sheela Putt, the Junior Chair at Andover Hockey Club, expressed profound gratitude for the generosity of the Jamie G Sporting Trust. She emphasised the pivotal role the donation played in acquiring essential goalkeeper training equipment. Ms. Putt highlighted the club’s commitment to excellence despite its modest size, stating, “We’re a small club but we have always worked hard to punch above our weight.”

The impact of the donation is already evident, as last season saw three junior goalkeepers from Andover Hockey Club securing coveted spots in county teams. With aspirations set even higher for the current season, the club aims to replicate or even surpass its previous achievements. However, the financial constraints associated with specialized goalkeeper equipment posed a significant challenge.

“GK equipment is really expensive because it’s quite niche, and without the funding, we wouldn’t be able to support all the fabulous juniors,” Ms. Putt explained. She underlined the indispensable role of goalkeepers in the sport, humorously noting, “And without goalkeepers, we would have no matches, or at least we would lose a lot of matches.”

The sentiments echoed by Ms. Putt were shared by the entire Andover Hockey Club community, who expressed collective appreciation for the support received from the Jamie G Sporting Trust. The donation not only ensures the club’s sustainability but also fosters the development of young talents who represent the future of the sport.

For those interested in learning more about Andover Hockey Club or extending their support, Sheela Putt welcomes inquiries via phone at 07787 120352 or through email at Additional information can be found on the club’s website at

The benevolent gesture from the Jamie G Sporting Trust serves as a testament to the power of community partnerships in nurturing athletic talent and fostering a culture of inclusivity within grassroots sports organisations like Andover Hockey Club. With their continued support, the club is poised to achieve even greater heights in the seasons to come.