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Let’s Talk About it – Summer Campaign for Young People

This summer Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Services are running a campaign online to reach young people to support them with regards to their sexual health and wellbeing which aims to respond to commonly asked questions and provide key information young people should know.

Their services remain open, free and confidential. Young people can access Sexual Health in a number of ways; attend a young person’s walk in clinic, talk online through our video clinics and by booking an appointment.

If young people have got questions about sex and sexual health, then their brand new young persons advice guide is for you. All of their services are free, confidential and non-judgemental. They promise to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Visit to find out more.

What’s New?

  • They have updated the young person’s advice guide which helps young people access accurate, reliable information and connect with the professionals and services that can support them to be sexually healthy.
  • It focuses on key questions young people commonly have about sex and relationships.
  • It provides signposting support for young people who may have worries with regards to online relationships and how they can stay safer.
  • They have implemented new ways in which young people can talk to them confidentially.
  • They have updated information for Transgender, non-binary, intersex and gender diverse service users.