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Lifting the lockdown blues

COVID-19 has affected everyone from all sectors and the entertainment sector has been hit pretty hard. Musicians around the country haven’t been able to gig at venues since March but that hasn’t stopped many acts from taking their set into the virtual world.

Local singer with a ‘touch of comedy’ Sarah Lee, from Shipton Bellinger, usually tours the South of England with her solo performances, with events and gigs cancelled, Sarah’s love of performing needed to continue and she then decided to do live performances on Facebook. This started off as a way of doing what she loves but also entertaining people and helping people through lockdown. Her regular Facebook live sessions has grown over the months and during this many entertainers around the country also have been going live on Facebook and Facebook groups have sprung up in keeping people entertained and introducing these acts to a new audience.

Sarah has met many acts and together they have held many Facebook live events and raised thousands of pounds for charities around the country. This is all done from Sarah’s glammed up spare bedroom where she has kept doing it every week (Sundays at 9pm) and regularly gets over hundred watching each gig; subsequent viewings can range between 10,000 and 35,000.

Sarah told Andover Radio “My story over the last few months starts with me scratching my head, thinking how I could not only keep myself busy but also how I could help in whatever way I could as people tried to cope in their own way through lock-down.  So, for the first time. I picked up a microphone and pressed “LIVE” on Facebook and sang some songs; a couple of people stopped to watched and I couldn’t believe it, the numbers kept growing

As a result of this Sarah has met a like minded singer from Scotland, Laura Fletcher and the two have struck up a friendship and together they host a chat show on Facebook. Sarah adds “We recently started a late night weekly chat show for fellow insomniacs, what’s become clear is that there are lots of people out there, some living alone that don’t have anyone to talk to and really look forward to chatting with us about all subjects some light hearted and some serious. A common theme is that it’s helping with their mental health through this challenging time

Sarah goes live every Sunday 9pm and her videos are brilliant and you can watch them via her Facebook page.