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Local Andover Community Garden ready to flourish.

Local community group Rooting for Andover (R4A) is set to start work on Andover’s first Community Garden located on the far side of Poppy Park, near the Augusta Park Community Centre.

The new soon to be garden is the product of nearly 3 years of hard work by the trustees of R4A Michael Parker, Vicki Cunningham and Maureen Treadwell along with help and guidance from local TVBC Cllr Nick Matthews,

“ I am truly thrilled at the progress made in creating this community garden, and indeed would welcome more! These gardens provide so much to our communities, not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are effectively “owned” by our communities. It is widely recognised that the benefits extend further to include health and well being, therapy and education, whilst of course endorsing the dietary benefits of nutrient rich natural “home grown” foods. Rooting for Andover should be commended for their efforts in making this happen, they have worked tirelessly for these projects and it’s been a pleasure supporting them in any way I could. I am very much looking forward to seeing the end product, as the designs look fabulous. So whether people simply walk through and admire the garden, or get their hands dirty in the vegetable patches! It will be enjoyed by many”

“Also being provided on the north side of town is a new allotment site; R4A has also been a big campaigner for new allotment sites within Andover. We have spent many hours lobbying Andover Town Council for more sites , .” said R4A Chairman Michael Parker . “Fundraising for the garden has been ongoing for the last 8 months. R4A has been attending environmental and healthy living events around Andover to showcase the project. I have also been doing a virtual sponsored walk from Lands End to John O ’ Groats.

We have also received grants of £1000 from Andover Town Council and £4750 from the National Lottery Communities fund.

Committee member, Sparsholt trained Harvey Sullivan. who has been awarded a place on the prestigious Lloyds Banking School of Social Entrepreneurs Programme (the SSE) added; “I am excited to embark on this training over the next year. It will not only provide me skills in how to build a strong community orientated enterprise but I can also help R4A develop a strong foundation for self-sufficiency, so that it can prosper in years to come.”

R4A Secretary Vicki Cunningham is already potting up plants for the spring in preparation for a plant sale in Augusta Park. “I’m really excited to get going on this project,” said Vicki. “It’s going to be great fun to put together and watch develop over time. It will also be a fabulous project to help the local community come together to learn about gardening or to just come along to sit in and enjoy.” Treasurer Maureen Treadwell agreed, “It’s been a massive community effort”

If you would like to get involved, please contact the group via their Facebook group ‘ Rooting 4 Andover Community Garden and Allotment Group ’ or email