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Local businessman on festive drive for the local community

Dawn Breakers owner Andy Lavery is back on the community drive for this testing festive period for many families. After the successful school meal drive last month, where the generosity of the community raised almost £9,000 which managed to put food on the table for around 130 families, Andy has called on local businesses to support the community this Christmas.

COVID-19 has affected many people and Andy wants to help the families that have been affected and has called upon the local business community to help out. Andy said via his Facebook page “I’m asking for 19 other local businesses to stand up with me, and give what they can for local families on the poverty line this December.”

Andover Radio directors David Harber and Ben Tuffin has answered that call and Ben said “This is such a great idea and I am delighted to donate to this cause. What Andy is doing is brilliant, and I know the business community will all pull together and smash the 19 businesses he has asked for. We are Love Andover and this is a great example of what our community can do”

Last month Andy started a campaign in the wake of the government voting against helping families in low income households calling upon his friends to donate £200 (if they could afford it) hoping to raise £2,000 but within 6 hours £4,300 was raised and by the end almost £9,000 was raised in what was an amazing show of community support from the community.

This time round Andy is calling on the business community to donate and said “I’ll make sure every business that gives, gets loads of mentions all over the place – so think of it like advertising if you want to, a good investment, if you will. As a charitable donation, It’s also tax deductible 😉

I know it’s been a tough year for us all, believe me, I know! but some folks have literally nothing, and they’re dreading this festive season. If you can help, get in touch. It’s really easy, you transfer some money, I’ll give you a shout out and continual shout outs during the drive, and we use that money to purchase grocery vouchers for distribution to families that need it the most. When you’re raising a glass with your family this December 25th, wouldn’t it be good to know that you’ve also put some food on the tables of those far less fortunate than yourself?

So if you’re a business and wanting to help then contact Andy Lavery via his Facebook page and we all want you to share this far and wide.