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Local political party members ‘expelled’

Andover Alliance Party 2019

The Andover Alliance Party has expelled three members.

The governing Executive Committee of the Andover Alliance party say they are “saddened” by the expulsion of three party members. 

Party leader – town Mayor – Richard Rowles says, “We feel awful that three people used our party name to get voted and then chose a different route to the will of the people who voted them in.”

Councillors Rebecca Meyer, Christopher Ecclestone and David Coole refused invitations to a disciplinary hearing which meant they were immediately expelled from the party.

None of the three party members who were ‘suspended pending investigation’ provided a defence after allegations of them ‘bringing the party into disrepute’ were raised.

Each councillor was asked to submit a written response to their suspension.   No response was received and as a result, each were expelled.

“We want to do the job for which voters gave us the mandate”, says party leader Richard Rowles.  “Ecclestone and Coole have tied us up in having to deal with their bickering and egos.  

“Now we have removed their egotism, we can continue with our work of making Andover a better place.

Party Secretary, Cllr Lauren Banville told Love Andover, “These expelled members were elected on our coat-tails, while they are apparently creating their own party. 

“As sad as this is we have had no option to remove them from our party to preserve the good nature and purpose of the Andover Alliance and the serious business of making our town a better place.”

Since their suspension, the Andover Alliance say they have more than doubled party membership.

Party leader Richard Rowles added, “We will continue with our commitment to the people of Andover, we will work harder than ever before,  we will eradicate this culture of divisiveness and vindictiveness from local politics, it’s time to get the job done!”

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