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“Magic” table brings new world of entertainment to Andover nursing home

An Andover nursing home has just installed a “magical” interactive table aimed at giving its residents a whole new world of entertainment and information.

Millway House in Weyhill has introduced the giant tablet to the residential home and it’s already proving a big hit with residents.

The mobile activity board has been designed specifically for care and nursing homes to ensure the inclusion of wellbeing activities and to promote communication. It uses the latest technology to allow several residents to draw directly onto the screen, using either their hand or finger. It can also be locked into place so that it can be comfortably used as a monitor to view videos and take zoom calls from their loved ones.

Kay Jerrams, Home Manager at Millway House, said that the interactive table has been an extremely valuable addition.  She said: “It has been great to see our residents get so much use out of it already. They think it’s magical and to see them playing together, especially sharing the experience with their grandchildren who visit them, is really satisfying.”

The interactive table can be utilised and personalised to any individual, benefitting residents that have limited body movement as they are encouraged to exercise and build muscle movement.

Introducing the interactive table was the idea of Sammie Ambery, Millway’s activities and wellbeing co-ordinator. She said: “As we head out of the pandemic, which has had a massive impact on our residents, it’s fabulous to see the many benefits they can get from this important addition to the home.

“It enhances the lives of the residents daily by enabling them to use their sensory skills to interact through touch, sound and sight. Residents are also engaged for a longer period, helping to reduce their anxiety, which positively influences their general wellbeing.”

The interactive table has higher volume controls for residents needing extra assistance with hearing, and sensory apps that can be adapted for those living with Dementia.

The Covid crisis has meant care home residents have experienced distance from family, which has in many cases been detrimental to their mental health. Care workers have had to get creative to help keep residents occupied and happy. And as the country still feels the effects of the pandemic and subsequent restrictions, the interactive table is a welcome newcomer for Millway House.

Mary Duncan, one of the residents, who will be 101 at the end of the month, has expressed her gratitude to the staff for installing the new “magic table”.

She said: “Who knew you could have so much fun with a table?!  We’ve all been doing wordsearches and playing scrabble – and I’ve even spoken to my children and grandchildren. I love it! The staff here are truly amazing; they really do go out of their way to ensure we are all happy here.”

Originally a large family home on the outskirts of Weyhill in Andover, Millway House started life in the 1980s as a residential home for people over the age of 65. Following an extension to its premises in 2008, it established itself as a high-quality nursing home.

Millway House is part of Sears Heathcare and CEO Richard Adams said: “At Millway House, our difference is that we’re a nurse-led care home so our approach focuses on meeting the healthcare needs of our residents. But more than that, our team of exceptionally caring staff also build close relationships with our residents, so we can tailor care specifically to their requirements and create an environment that enhances their wellbeing. Our investment in the interactive table is already paying dividends. Ultimately, we want people to move in here, carry on living life and feel that this is their home.”

For more information, visit www.millwayhouse.co.uk.