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Marc Burford: From Local Scenes to LA Dreams

Local musician Marc Burford is gearing up for an exciting journey across the pond as he jets off to Los Angeles to headline his first solo show in America. With a mix of nerves and excitement, Marc is set to support Soul of Sierra at the renowned Hotel café on March 21st.

For Marc, this trip is more than just a performance opportunity; it’s a chance to reconnect with old friends and forge new connections in the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles. Reflecting on his previous visit to LA with his former band Echotape in 2012, Marc expressed his long-standing desire to return to the city.

“I went to LA in 2012 with my old band, Echotape, and made a few friends there. I wanted to return for years but did not have a good reason. Now, I’m releasing some new music as part of my album. The opportunity has come up to showcase some tracks in Los Angeles. My manager Michelle Bakker booked the show for me. I’m also writing with Kwesi, a famous musician/producer out there. I’m buzzing to go there and soak up the vibes,” Marc told us.

In addition to his solo endeavours, Marc is deeply involved in the local music scene as the co-owner of Sunrise Sound Studios and a producer alongside Andrew Hunt, working with talented local artists. His passion for music extends beyond performing, as he actively nurtures emerging talent in his community.

As Marc embarks on this exciting journey to LA, he is eagerly anticipating the chance to share his music with a new audience and collaborate with industry professionals in the heart of the entertainment capital. With song writing sessions and performances lined up, Marc’s trip promises to be a fruitful exploration of creativity and connection.

Fans and followers are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on Marc’s LA adventure and the upcoming release of his new music. With his talent and dedication, Marc Burford is poised to make waves both locally and internationally, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.