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Maths genius in Andover

Written by Tom Harvey

Oscar age 16 of Rookwood School, Weyhill Road has completed Hegarty Maths. Hegarty is an online maths programme which tests 925 skills through over 8000 individual questions.

Oscar has achieved 100% in every area, taking him 128 hours to do so. According to co-founder Colin Hegarty, Oscar “joins only a handful of others to complete the whole website from over 1.5 million students”.

Assistant Head of Rookwood School, Liz Hacker said “Oscar has always had a love and passion for maths. This achievement demonstrates this and he should be very proud of all he has done in maths and in all his studies”.

Oscar said “I feel really proud that I have managed to complete all 925 tasks on Hegarty Maths. The differentiation tasks were the most enjoyable for me, because although they were quite challenging to complete, they were still very satisfying. I decided that I wanted to try and complete all the tasks because I have always liked Maths. I thought it would be a good way to make sure that I had mastered all the GCSE Level Maths, before moving on to study A Levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics. I am very grateful to my teacher, Mr Pool, for all the time he has spent explaining things to me so that I was able to achieve this challenge.

Oscar’s maths teacher Mr Adrian Pool said “Completing Hegarty maths is an achievement that should not be underestimated. Not only does it require immense determination and dedication, it also requires excellent understanding of all areas of mathematics. Some topics included stretch the user beyond GCSE maths and give them an excellent transition onto studying maths at a higher level. Congratulations to Oscar for completing this task and I am pleased to say that his achievement is inspiring younger pupils to emulate this feat”.

Well done, Oscar!