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Mental Health Apps for Young People

The NHS Website has a great list of free apps, available to support young peoples mental health. These apps include WorryTree which uses CBT techniques, ThinkNinja which helps 10 – 18 year olds learn about and manage their mental health, MeeToo which is a safe forum for teenagers to discuss issues affecting their lives, Cove which allows you to create music to reflect your emotions and Calm Harm which aims to reduce self harm.

No More Knifes is a video that is aimed at young people and tells the story of a group of friends who are groomed in county lines and realise the consequences of carrying knifes.

Any child can be targeted for County Lines grooming, Common risk factors include children who have special educational needs, or mental health challenges, those who are being bullied or have been excluded from school,
children in care and those who need but have been denied or have not yet accessed, support. While gangs often target vulnerable children, this is not the full picture. Children from all classes and all backgrounds are at risk. There can be an additional financial incentive for exploiters to recruit middle class children. Often due to feelings of shame and embarrassment, middle class families will try to settle the situation themselves.

More details on County lines can be seen below