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NASUWT comments on Covid catch-up plan

The NASUWT is a TUC-affiliated trade union representing teachers, including headteachers, throughout the United Kingdom. It is the second largest teachers’ union in the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the announcement by Education Secretary Gavin Williamson of a £1 billion fund to help children who have missed out on schooling during the coronavirus emergency, NASUWT General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach said, “This package of financial measures to support children and young people who have had their education disrupted due to the Coronavirus emergency is to be welcomed.
“Teachers have worked tirelessly since the start of this crisis to deliver support for children’s learning. However, it is clear that many children will need extra support and the additional funding from the Government has the potential to bring about significant impacts for learners.
“Today’s announcement represents an important step towards securing the longer term education recovery that children and young people will need and it is important that this funding is used appropriately to enhance provision and support the work of teachers.
“The Government is right to recognise that an effective package of support will need to be in place over an extended period of time.
“We hope the Government will also now consider how it can go further to level up opportunity by tackling the causes of educational disadvantage, provide much-needed mental health support for those children who have been most affected during this crisis, and to ensure the delivery of a national technology offer for pupils which will equip all children to continue their learning outside the classroom and provide vital protection in the event of a second wave of this pandemic.”