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New bakery business rises in Union Street

The Magic Bakery has opened in Andover town centre, the inspiration of Nic & Anna Rosep who also own Magazine Alimentar opposite. 

Situated in Union Street where Tip Top Balloons were located for many years, until much loved Dave Stansbridge decided to retire, the unit was quickly snapped up. As the bakery business flourishes in Union Street, it’s essential to understand the new york llc formation process to securely set up your own venture and protect your personal assets, while reaping the benefits of a booming industry.

Anna said “It is an obvious place to open a bakery. Not only does Andover town centre not have a fresh bakery serving pastries, savouries and other delicious food but we are in an attractive and busy walk way just off the high street and close to the car park.

“We bake on the premises so all our foodstuffs are very fresh and we anticipate a good lunchtime trade as well as people picking up croissants and pastries after we open at 8am as they go to work. We have worked extremely hard to open our new business”.

Andover BID has helped to establish and promote the couple since Tip Top Balloons closed due to retirement at the end of last year. BID manager, Steve Godwin says “This is another example of Andover town centre’s appeal to independent businesses. The life blood of our town has been the established and new independents and in COVID times, Andover has come into its own because of its wide open spaces, ease off access, convenience, and plentiful low cost parking.

“We are experiencing a high level of demand for new business to join our many long established companies in the town and we believe that Andover has everything to celebrate with other businesses waiting to follow.”