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New specialist motor repair centre opens

A new business has launched in Andover providing a specialist motoring service.

The Brake Shop which is on Suffolk Road, is a dedicated brake and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) specialist that have the latest technology and fully trained staff to diagnose and repair issues at very reasonable prices.

It is essential that you have your brakes checked regularly, brake checks can identify a problem before it affects your braking ability and provides an opportunity to optimise the effectiveness of your braking system. If you have any concerns about the brakes on your vehicle, for instance unusual noises or vibration when braking or excessive brake pedal travel, it is vital to get this checked as soon as possible to prevent potential accidents. The brake shop have the experience to enable them to diagnose any braking issues you may have before they can become a problem.

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) if clogged can cause engine parts to fail, loss of power and performance and cause you to get poor miles per gallon, thus not performing as well as your vehicle is capable of.  By having your DPF cleaned on a regular basis not only will it save you money on many of these problems but can in fact save you costly replacement parts and engine repairs.  By keeping the DPF cleaned on a regular basis may also save your car failing its mot on high emissions.  It will also help resolve engine noise and give a smoother running engine.

At The Brake Shop, their knowledgeable team are led by Matt who has extensive experience within the industry having worked for many years in the mechanic’s trade.   With vast knowledge of Brake Disc Skimming, Brake Diagnostics, Brake pipe fabrication and DPF Cleaning they are the best locally to be able to deal with your needs in their state-of-the-art workshop.  Their workshop is equipped with all the latest technology in the business of brakes and DPF cleaning, with this they know they can guarantee that you will be in safe hands.

With their specialist machines and workmanship, we will ensure that we get you back on the road sooner and with a more cost-effective solution saving you £££’s.

With DPF Cleaning is just £199 using their specialist equipment. No long waits for replacement parts ensuring you a fast and reliable service.

With The Brake Shop You’re in Safe Hands!