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Online learning heralds a new era for school collaboration

Amid all of the gloom of the past six months, green shoots are emerging in the opportunities presented by online learning platforms.

As one of Hampshire’s highest achieving and most successful schools, The Westgate School is delighted to be supporting Test Valley School as it embarks on an exciting new era – and online learning is key to this journey.

Where previously school to school support and opportunities for pupil leadership beyond the school gates were hampered by logistics, the use of digital technology is opening doors to facilitate the professional development of teachers through collaborative working. Test Valley school’s new development plan is driven by the vision that teachers are learners too, and it is this partnership between professionals that generates the best outcomes for pupils through curriculum design and developing strategies for even better teaching and learning.

Partnership is key to a school’s success – and the Pupil Leadership Team at The Westgate School plays an active role in shaping the curriculum, raising awareness and understanding about equalities, diversity and, the environment as well as contributing to school policies. Collaboration with pupils from Test Valley School using online platforms will provide pupils with rich opportunities to extend their thinking and develop their skills for future employment. We are particularly excited by the opportunity to extend the debating club across both schools – and there is much to debate at the moment!

As a small, rural school, Test Valley offers the best of both worlds: the opportunity to be part of a nurturing environment where every child is known – to learn in a fantastic, village setting – as well as being challenged academically in pursuit of personal excellence.