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Platinum Jubilee plans in Test Valley

Two new inspiring pieces of public art in Andover and Romsey alongside a number of events are set to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen’s platinum jubilee next year in Test Valley. 

In February, The Queen will be the first British monarch to celebrate the milestone of 70 years’ service. 

To commemorate this, and the Royal Family’s connections to the borough, new artwork is being considered by Test Valley Borough Council for locations in both Romsey and Andover, with artists across the country being invited to apply. Funding for the artwork will come from the council’s New Homes Bonus. 

Those pieces of public art will be joined by a number of local initiatives and events, which will be supported by TVBC. In addition, the authority is also aiming to waive the fee for those applying for a temporary road closure to hold street parties celebrating the jubilee. The proposals are subject to the approval of full council.

Leader of the borough council, Phil North, said, “The Queen’s commitment to her country and the entire commonwealth over seven decades is absolutely remarkable. It is only right that we celebrate her achievements and thank her for this service. 

“We’ve never seen a Platinum Jubilee in this country before – and as well as taking part in the various celebrations next summer – I also think it’s incumbent on us to mark this moment in history with a longer-lasting reminder of Her Majesty’s incredible service that she continues to show. It’s my hope that generations to come will enjoy the artwork that we hope will be put in place in the borough as a reminder of this unique moment in British history.  

“I’m sure many residents will also be celebrating in their own way, and I’m glad that we have been able to waive the fee for those wanting to mark the occasion in the traditional British way!” 

Community and leisure portfolio holder, councillor David Drew, added: “There will be year-long celebrations throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the world with Her Majesty The Queen celebrating 70 years of service, as communities come together to celebrate her historic reign. 

“The four days of celebration will provide an opportunity for people to have some fun and hopefully reflect on the Queen’s service to the Kingdom and Commonwealth, through a range of activities and events.”