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Test Valley Borough Council is praising the efforts of Covid-19 community response organisations while encouraging NHS volunteers to register with their local group.

Across the borough, a number of community groups have come together in response to the current pandemic in picking up medicine, delivering food and running other errands for those who are vulnerable or are self-isolating.

The council is thanking those who have helped made such a difference in Test Valley, while urging volunteers who are part of the national NHS scheme to register with their local group to ensure the best possible support. 

There are a number of volunteers in Test Valley who signed up through the NHS scheme to do all they can to help their communities in the fight against the pandemic, but may not be aware of the work their local community resilience group is also undertaking.

Local radio station 95.9FM Andover Radio shared North West Hampshire MP Kit Malthouse’s thanks this morning after he posted a selfie-video from The Palace of Westminster. Mr Malthouse gave thanks to existing groups and those that “sprang up from nowhere” in response to the crisis.

Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Phil North, said, “We could not be more grateful for the efforts of those in our borough who have raised their hand through the national NHS scheme to help our vulnerable. However, not every NHS volunteer may be aware of their local community group and we would urge these volunteers to register with their closest organisation.

“The more volunteers who make themselves known to their community group, the better, more efficient help we can offer to those who are shielding themselves, are vulnerable, or need to self-isolate because of this horrible disease. The local community groups are doing an incredible job and any extra set of hands would be a massive boost, I’m sure.”

Those residents who have been shielding themselves in response to the current pandemic are able to contact these groups for any help they may need. The authority’s community and leisure portfolio holder, councillor Ian Jeffrey, said it is ‘vital’ that more vulnerable members of the community stay at home and utilise the help available.

Councillor Jeffrey added, “The sacrifices that have been made by those who are shielding at home, are immense and we are extremely grateful for that. Now more than ever, though, it is vital that the available support is used as much as possible rather than risking trips that can be avoided.

“Together, the response across the borough has been fantastic and I’m so appreciative of every person who has helped our communities.”

The Test Valley Community Hotline which was launched by local charity Unity in March can be accessed via 0330 400 4116, every day from 9am until 5pm.

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