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Pub’s gift of mobility for happy local girl Stacie

Stacie Stroud Andover Cerebral Palsy
PUB APPEAL: Vicki Thorp with Sarah, Stacie and Steve Stroud.

A popular Andover pub has given a mobility boost to a local girl with Cerebral Palsy.

The landlady of The Queen Charlotte Inn presented 14-year old Stacie Stroud with an £800 cheque to help buy a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

Her family need to raise over £4,000 to enable their daughter greater mobility. A further £2,000 is being sought.

Stacie Stroud was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy when she was 10 months old.  Her mother Sarah has been a full-time carer and fundraiser ever since.

Over the last 13 years Stacie’s caring and committed family have raised near £50,000 for the equipment their daughter needs.

Dad Steve works for Openreach and sister Samantha works at McDonald’s. Both are frequently working overtime to help pay for  increasing caring costs.

With a constant smile on her face pretty Stacie who goes to the King’s School, thanked pub landlady Vicki Thorp at her house near Winchester Road yesterday (Thursday 14th June 2018).

Mum Sarah says, “We need wheelchairs, mobility vehicles and loads of other equipment. None of it is very cheap, and as she gets bigger, the costs increase.

“Today from Vicki and the QC Foundation we got £800 which is a great move forward.  We are around halfway through, but there’s lots more we’re doing, like a night with Torn Off Strips at the Enham Village Hall in November.

“Thanks to everyone at the Queen Charlotte”

Ms Thorp created the QC Foundation in 2016 to raise funds to ‘help and support local residents affected by and suffering from terminal and chronic illnesses’.

Since the donation, Stacie has received a further £500 from a donor who wished to remain anonymous.

Further donations can be made via a Facebook Group created by her mother here.

Anyone wishing to help with, or contact the QC Foundation can contact the organisation here.

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