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Relax at Room to float in Andover

At Room to Float they promise that the floatation room in Andover is a haven of relaxation.

They invite us to float away and relax. This sounds great at anytime of year by seems even more appealing after a week of school holidays !!

You relax in a large light and sound proof room with 25cm of water, heated exactly to blood temperature, supersaturated with 350kg of naturally healing Epsom salts, giving buoyancy like the dead sea effect.

This enables us to float on the surface of the water effortlessly,the lack of gravity and external stimulus helps even the first timer to drop into a deeply relaxed mental and physical state of well being.

Sounds good ?

Room to Float can be found at The Blue Door, 32 Winchester Road, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 2EQ

You can book a session via their website here

Or give Debbie a call on 07718 050252