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Rising Band Bloodhounds Aims to Shake Up Isle of Wight Festival & Need Your Vote

Bloodhounds, a grungy and energetic rock band, is calling on their fans to vote for them to perform at the Isle of Wight Festival this year. We spoke to the band to discuss their origins, sound, challenges, and plans for the future. They also expressed their excitement about the possibility of playing at the prestigious festival.

Formed in 2017, Bloodhounds comprises Joe (singer), Jack (guitarist), Tom (bass), and Kai (drummer). Talking about how they met, Joe and Jack said, “We played in various bands for many years and wanted to start an original heavy rock/grunge band.” Tom, who became friends with the duo in college, was an obvious choice for the bassist position. Kai joined the band later, and Joe said “Kai joined the line up a few years later in 2021, we were starting the process of finding a new drummer and heard great things about Kai, needless to say, he auditioned, absolutely smashed it and has been behind the kit ever since.”

When asked to describe their sound, the band members said it was “Grungy, Groovy, and Energetic, We’ve always tried to write material that has all those aspects for both listeners and live performances. We want everyone to have a good time.” Kai also added, “Perhaps you might call it ‘Hyper Grunge’.” The band’s songs touch on various themes and ideas, depending on their moods and experiences. Their latest EP, “EAT LIES,” reflects their feelings of anger and frustration during the pandemic and lockdowns. Joe explained, “We tried to look at things differently and attempted to tell a story of moving from hate and anger, journeying into acceptance and optimism.”

Talking about their potential upcoming performance at the Isle of Wight Festival, the band members expressed their excitement. Jack said, “It’s a fantastic festival that attracts the biggest names in the industry.” Joe added, “To have the opportunity to throw our name in to the mix is an opportunity we want to take full advantage of and put on a hell of a show to get our band on the festival circuit and give festival goers a great show.”

Bloodhounds has faced several challenges in their journey, including their latest EP, “EAT LIES,” which was a significant undertaking for the band. They had to write and record the songs, shoot multiple music videos in different locations, organize artwork and merchandise, and organize their first headline tour independently. However, they still enjoyed every second of it and appreciate their fans’ support.

The band’s musical influences include Queens of the Stone Age, The Prodigy, and Rage Against the Machine. Talking about their songwriting process, the band members said that they all bring ideas to the table, and they build the songs together from the ground up. They said “We’ve always been really lucky in regards to the song writing process because we all always writing material and we’re never short of ideas. Usually it starts in the practice room with a guitar riff or single idea one of us brings in and we all build it together from the ground up so towards the end of the session we record what we have on a phone. Kai will then work his magic and put a demo together so we have the blueprint for a song there.

Bloodhounds have played several memorable gigs in Andover, including headlining Rockella at The Rockhouse in 2021. They praised Andover for playing a pivotal part in shaping them as performers and their success as a band. Jack added “Well when we started out, the rockhouse was one of the few places that would put us on, so Andover’s played a pivotal part in the shaping of us all as performers, both individually and as a band, and we’re so grateful! 

“Last time we played was to headline Rockella in 2021 and it was a crazy gig, so much fun, and it kind of felt like a full circle moment, starting out as the opening band there, coming back to headline a festival!”

The band members also shared their love for their fans and how important they are in the success of the band. “Where would any band be without its fans? We feel so lucky to have an ever-expanding, committed, and crazy fan base,” said Joe.

Finally, talking about their plans for the future, the band members hinted at several exciting projects they’re working on. “We’ve got stuff on the way that we’re extremely proud of, so please give us a follow and keep a close eye on what’s in store!” said Jack.

We encourage everyone to vote for Bloodhounds and wishes them all the best for their upcoming performance at the Isle of Wight Festival.