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Rob Clamp: Making Waves in Andover’s Music Scene

Rob Clamp, a talented musician, is rapidly making waves in the local music scene with his heartfelt lyrics and energetic performances. Known for his unique blend of folk storytelling and indie pop vibes, Rob Clamp has captured the attention of audiences and gained recognition. In a recent interview, he shared insights into his musical journey, influences, and aspirations.

“I started playing guitar when I was about 15 years old and probably thought I was better than I was for a few years,” Rob Clamp reminisced. “But it wasn’t until a couple of years after I graduated university that I began taking music more seriously.” He discovered his passion while spending time in Cornwall and realized that music was the only pursuit that truly fulfilled him. With the addition of a stomp box and foot tambourine to his performances, Rob found that the extra subtle variations and beats added a new dimension to his sound, resulting in increased attention from listeners.

Reflecting on his experiences at local festivals that we put on, Rob Clamp expressed his gratitude for being part of the vibrant Andover music community. “Both festivals were great fun. James is quite the character and keeps me thoroughly entertained wherever he is,” he shared. “The talent on show and the atmosphere of both festivals has been something I feel blessed to have experienced.” The inclusive and family-oriented nature of these events resonated with Rob, highlighting the deep love that the Andover area holds for live music.

Collaborating with Marc Burford and Undy Hunt of Sunrise Sound Studio, Rob praised their attention to detail and communication skills, emphasizing their contributions to his projects. “Their production and mastering abilities have made my time in the studio easier,” he acknowledged. “They’ve also been helpful in offering guidance in and around the music industry.” Their collaboration has not only enhanced the quality of Rob’s recordings but has also fostered a supportive environment for his growth as an artist.

When it comes to songwriting, Rob finds his inspiration in the riffs and finger-picking styles he creates with his guitar. “Melody tends to be the most important thing,” he explained. “But I do try to pride myself on writing songs that sound how they feel.” Rob spends an extensive amount of time crafting his lyrics, ensuring they authentically express his emotions. This meticulous approach extends to his live performances, where the intricate combination of riffs, vocals, a stomp box, and a foot tambourine showcases his dedication to delivering a memorable experience. Rob added “I’ll regularly watch sport or watch something I’ve seen a bunch of times with the sound off whilst casually playing guitar – sort of fishing for something to sound cool.

Melody tends to be the most important thing off the back of that. But I do try to pride myself on writing songs that sound how they feel. So I spend an awful amount of time writing lyrics. Once I’ve written something I think I’m happy with – I’ve then got to play it about 50-100 times before I’m satisfied it’s about where it needs to be.

The songs I perform live are pretty complicated to perform when you tie in; the riff, the vocal, the stomp box and the foot tambourine – but because I’ve gone through this process, I can just about pull it off.

Rob Clamp’s music, rooted in folk storytelling, offers an energetic indie pop twist during live performances. Drawing upon real-life experiences, he writes about friends, family, and places he has visited or aspires to visit. While his songs often possess depth, Rob also injects lighthearted moments to entertain his audience, ensuring they leave his shows with smiles on their faces.

photo credits: Chris Meany Photography.

Influenced by iconic artists such as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Jason Isbell, and The Lumineers, Rob Clamp maintains his commitment to originality. “I try not to be too heavily influenced by anybody,” he admitted. “But essentially, I think a lot of people inadvertently write similar styles of music to the stuff they listen to!”

Among the tracks he has worked on, Rob holds a special affection for “All Quite On The Western Front.” The song, inspired by his family history and the sacrifices made during World War I, has resonated deeply with audiences. “It always feels so special when people come up and talk to me about their relatives that fought in the First World War,” he shared. “The story being that my Great Great Grandfather fought in the 1st world war after going out there with his son but came home alone.” The song’s poignant lyrics and the emotional connection it evokes continue to make an impact on listeners.

While Rob remains humble about his place in the music industry, he is focused on the present and the things he can control. “All I do is think about smashing the next gig, then the next gig, and so on,” he explained. With a dedicated work ethic and unwavering belief in his abilities, Rob aspires to build a strong following and achieve self-sufficiency as a musician, playing his own original compositions.

Looking to the future, Rob envisions traveling and performing on larger stages. He acknowledges that reaching these goals requires both talent and opportunity, and he is determined to continue working on his music until he feels satisfied that he has given his all to achieve his dreams.

Fans and music enthusiasts can catch Rob live at his headline show with the full band at The Railway in Winchester on Saturday, October 21st. If you check out his social media channels then you can check out the local gigs he is doing and when he is back in Andover I’m sure we will let you know. Additionally, his latest track, “Adelaide,” is now available on various social media platforms and streaming services. To support Rob Clamp and follow his musical journey, connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube under the handle Rob Clamp Music.

Rob Clamp’s captivating performances and his commitment to creating meaningful music are set to leave a lasting impression on Andover’s music scene and beyond. With the support of the local community, Rob Clamp’s dream of reaching new heights is well within reach.