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Rod Pooley in Concert: An Evening of Melodic Magic

Get ready for an enchanting evening filled with melodic, easy-listening music as Rod Pooley takes centre stage at Fairground Hall, Weyhill. Organized by WEOS (Weyhill Electronic Organ Society), this concert promises to be a delightful start to the 2024 musical calendar. Mark your calendars for Thursday, 18 January 2024, from 7.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m., with doors opening at 7.00 p.m.

Rod Pooley, hailing from the charming town of Bexhill-on-Sea, will be making his debut appearance for the WEOS club. Pooley’s musical journey began at the age of ten when he took up the piano under the tutelage of a top London jazz pianist. This early exposure laid the foundation for a career that has seen him evolve into a highly fluent jazz player, capable of navigating a vast range of musical genres to cater to diverse tastes.

Pooley’s impressive musical background includes attending a school boasting one of the largest music departments in the UK, featuring three full orchestras. His talent took centre stage as he performed solo in front of former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, the Bexley MP at the time. Beyond his academic years, Pooley earned numerous accolades and collaborated with renowned ensembles such as the Joe Loss Orchestra and the Ken Macintosh Big Band.

While Rod Pooley is widely recognized for his prowess on the electronic keyboard circuit, he is also the mastermind behind The Drawtones, a Hammond Organ Jazz, Funk, and Soul Band established in 2016. With a regular five-piece lineup featuring keyboards, saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums, The Drawtones have rapidly risen to prominence in the British jazz scene.

For those curious to learn more about Rod Pooley’s musical journey, his profile can be explored on

The concert offers more than just music—it’s an experience. In addition to the captivating performances, attendees can enjoy ample free parking, participate in a raffle, and indulge in interval refreshments. This promises to be an evening where music enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a melodic tapestry woven by the skilled hands of Rod Pooley.

Make sure to secure your spot at Fairground Hall on Thursday, 18 January 2024. Admission is a mere £6 at the door, a small price to pay for an evening filled with musical magic.

For inquiries, contact WEOS at Tel. (01264) 323213 or visit their website at

Don’t miss the chance to witness Rod Pooley’s musical prowess and immerse yourself in an unforgettable night of easy-listening melodies!