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Rooting for Andover community gardens

Michael Parker is just one of the core team behind the formation of a brand new community garden project here in Andover, called Rooting for Andover.

He is going to be doing a virtual walk from lands end to John o groats as part of the fund raising for this new project. Any money raised will be spent on tools, seeds, raised planting beds and help towards a poly tunnel .

If you would like to support and sponsor him, please visit his Go Funding page here

The Main aims of Rooting for Andover are ;

-To work cooperatively throughout Andover

-To co-create community gardens that will serve as vibrant and exciting community hubs, promoting social cohesion, community spirit and sustainability, and engendering optimism in our town

-To support community knowledge sharing, through hands-on learning opportunities on subjects such as permaculture, sustainable food growing, nutrition, cooking and preserving, energy efficiency, water saving and composting

-To donate surplus produce to Andover communities in need, e.g. in collaboration with food banks and the peoples pantry

-To provide safe and enjoyable outdoor spaces for the community, that do not discriminate on the basis of age, physical or neuro-ability, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or gender identity.

Rooting for Andover seeks to promote co-creation in the following ways:

-By encouraging all members to participate in the design, establishment, and management of community gardens

-By developing democratic and inclusive decision-making processes that promote a positive sense of ownership and stewardship of community gardens among members

-By encouraging all members to participate in knowledge sharing activities, as participants, organizers or leaders

Visit their website, Rooting for Andover, for the latest updates and news on the process of this new community project.