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School uniform stresses for parents

ITV Sarah Gisbourne Love Andover FamilyLIfe

Getting school uniform for growing kids is hard and expensive at the best of times, after lockdown this may be even more difficult for many families.

Tonight’s Meridian TV report by Mary Stanley says, “With one week to go before schools across the South East reopen to all pupils following lockdown, the race is on to get children ready.”

After months of home-learning, many children have outgrown their uniforms.

Mother of two Sarah Gisbourne who runs Love Andover FamilyLife spoke to ITV and explained the difficulties of getting ready for school with growing kids, “People have been made redundant, they have had a cut in hours and put on furlough, I’m sure I am not alone.

“Having children at home is difficult, my children eat a lot and money is short for many people.”

With many shops still closed, finding new school ‘kit’ may prove a challenge for some.

The ITV report follows Sarah’s online efforts to help struggling families. Some grants are available to help parents with school uniforms and a series of Facebook groups have been set up to try and assist.

Sarah adds, “Some local schools have their own private Facebook groups. Just ask at the school office or your schools PTA group.

Test Valley Borough Council does not offer a school uniform grant to local families but you can ask your child’s school directly about their pupil premium

Watch the ITV report here: