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#ShopAndover – Andover’s Newest Addition is Open for Business!

Andover is Open for Business and Shelbys beauty is the latest shop to hit the High Street of Andover (well…George Yard Path).

Shelby has only just turned 21 (this week) and has taken the huge risk of running her own business. When I met her, it is apparent that she is driven, friendly and really focused. The venue immaculate and the decor is incredible. Everything from the logo, chairs, mirrors, sofa, everything has been thought about.

Shelby got the keys to the building in January 2020 and unfortunately the Corona Virus hit. Originally the beauty salon was aimed to be opened for the 25th March, but as she had to close the doors, it was never to be.

To add insult to injury, as she wasn’t trading by the 11th March, she was also NOT eligible for the £10k premises grant, offered by the government to help pay for things like rent. This was a huge blow to Shelby’s plans, undeterred, she had taken the time to build a beautiful venue, with all the relevant Covid – 19 precautions thought about.

TVBC have also been instrumental in the set up and assistance with Shelby’s Beauty, by getting the independent retail grant for Shelby’s Beauty, this is a local grant that is paid in 2 tranches. £500 is given after 3 months of trade and then a further £500 in another 3 months. TVBC agreed that although Shelby’s Beauty was actively ‘closed’, as Shelby was spending money and getting everything ready, agreed that the grant should be payable. Testament to TVBC promise to try and help and actively support local business.

“Obviously I was devastated that we had to shut, before we even opened, but no point worrying about something you can’t control, so we took the time to make sure we were Covid-19 ready and plan for an even better start! I’ve been working from home for the past few years, so having an actual place to go and work is incredible, it’s a dream come true. I’m looking forward to what the next few years has to offer – we are open so come and see us for a treat, feel indulged and gorgeous!”

Shelby talking about her business (July 2020)

So as Andover is opening up, make sure you visit all the local independent shops, Shelby’s beauty included, a wonderful addition to the Andover High Street. you’ll find Shelby’s on the walkway between the High Street and George Yard Car Park.

From all of us at LoveAndover and Andover Radio, we wish you every success.

To book in with Shelby’s beauty click here or Visit her Facebook page here. Shelby’s Beauty contact number is 07740 268482.

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