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Silas of Rookwood School helps a village in Fiji

When Silas of Rookwood School, age 4 heard that the school in a village in Fiji that his family have contact with had recently been severely damaged by the tropical storm disasters, he decided he wanted to help.

So, with a community appeal, within 4 days Silas collected over 270 books ranging from nursery to primary age, to send to the school. Silas counted, sorted, and packed the books ready to be sent. 

Hearing about the joy that Silas brought to the school, he said “I was really happy, it made me think how lucky I am to be in a school with lots of books and now the other children will be really happy to have all my books and my baby books. I felt really good”.

Silas and his family were all overwhelmed with the community spirit and were very pleased to contribute towards the rebuilding of lives and communities in Fiji, through the importance and education of reading.  

Claire Nias, Assistant Headteacher said “I think this was a lovely idea and I’m very proud of Silas for thinking of others and sharing his joy of reading with children less privileged”.

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