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Simplyhealth staff plant trees in Andover to show support for a healthier future for the community

With COP26 on everyone’s minds at the moment, staff at Simplyhealth have played their part in ensuring a healthier future for our local community by planting 200 trees in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Wood, Andover.

The initiative, part of Simplyhealth’s commitment to planting 500 trees in the local area in 2021, saw a team of six Simplyhealth volunteers head out with local group Andover Trees United to their community woodland project, which includes Harmony Woods, 12 acres of urban woodland planted by 1000s of local children and young people in the heart of the town.

Andover Trees United is committed to improving access to natural spaces and promoting wildlife conservation for future generations of Andover people. Wendy Davis, Andover Trees United Founder commented:

“The work we do thrives on partnerships and community. Thursday’s tree planting event was a brilliant example of what can be achieved when organisations work together and we are delighted that Simplyhealth volunteers returned to the wood to be part of the first tree plant of the season. 200 whips were planted, extending the hedge started by community volunteers in February by 40m. Carbon offsetting meets rewilding meets community engagement. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this happen.” 

Simplyhealth has already made changes in the way it operates to improve the local environment for the better. The company achieved Carbon Neutral + status from March 2021 for 12 months. The status was achieved by cutting carbon emissions and then offsetting remaining emissions whilst supporting three international energy efficiency projects aimed at helping communities in other parts of the world.

Speaking about the activity, one of the Simplyhealth volunteers, Chris Ingham, said:

“The tree planting was a chance to meet up with friends (and make some new ones) and at the end of the day we had the satisfaction of knowing that we have made a small step towards improving the environment and combating climate change.”

Richard Gillies, Chief Operating Officer at Simplyhealth, added:

“At Simplyhealth we know it’s our responsibility to protect the resources and ecosystem of the planet upon which we are all dependent. It’s great that as part of our refreshed approach to sustainability at Simplyhealth, we have the opportunity to contribute to some innovative projects that are committed to making a positive impact on local communities and the environment in our local area.”

To lower carbon emissions, Simplyhealth purchases electricity which is independently certified as 100% ‘green’ under the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) scheme and proactively manages the reduction of remaining emissions through the All Together Healthier project.

Simplyhealth is continuing to ensure that every day, every decision we make, and every action – big or small – not only helps improve the health of our company, customers and communities, but also the health of everyone and everything we hold dear. For more information about our community impact, visit