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Skydive And Raise Money For Charity With Love Skydiving

Have you ever wanted to skydive?

Here at Love Andover we are giving you the opportunity to tick that one off your bucket list, with Love Skydiving. At the same time raising money for your chosen charity.

Experience the excitement and adrenaline of a skydive.
Do a Tandem or Static Line jump or learn Accelerated Free-fall.

Jump for charity or just for yourself or a gift for a family or friend.

Tandem Skydive is perfect for those who want to skydive just the once. Prove to yourself you can do it, but with the safety backup of being with an instructor at all times. Only 30 minutes of training is needed before your first jump. You jump from 13,000 ft and experience 40 seconds of free-fall before your instructor deploys the parachute. You land right in front of any friends and family watching in the spectator area. You can even capture the experience on video (additional cost of £125 – pre-booking required). On completion, you can get a skydiving certificate, and a shop with skydiving T-shirts and paraphernalia is available on site. All necessary skydiving gear is supplied.

So this is your chance to do it, and here at Love Andover Love Skydiving we will help you through the process.

Love Skydivng also makes a great present for birthdays or Christmas.

Contact the Love Skydiving team on 01264-883100 or email hello@loveandover.com