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‘Special people’ receiving special Valentine’s gifts

Valentine's Day 2021 Andover

The cuddly cupids at Love Andover are out delivering special Valentine’s Day gifts today.

As part of a competition with the Love Andover Observer newspaper and 95.9FM Andover Radio, 11 special people are receiving a special selection of Valentine’s Day goodies this afternoon.

Thanks to Janet Mary Floral Design, Tip Top Balloons, Handmade by Shazzies, Thornton’s Chocolates, Cadbury’s and Love Andover, packages of gifts are being delivered across north west Hampshire.

Sadie Bryant’s parents in Charlton Village will receive a surprise gift. “My parents have been my and my husband’s rock during Covid”, says Sadie. “They have become our three children’s second mum and dad and I am a midwife and my husband is a postman.”

Fran Nightingale is due a baby this week. Although Fran in currently in hospital, her husband will be receiving a gift today. “I am currently pregnant with our third child and we’ve just found out our baby has a rare heart condition.

“I couldn’t have got through the last few months without his strength and support”, says Fran.

Ella Palmer from Love Andover says, “The special people we have chosen have messages of ‘lockdown love’ in the latest edition of Andover’s free newspaper.

“It’s heart-warming to read their messages and here at Love Andover we really do try to make people smile. We have tried to make sure we get as many goodies out as possible today.”

The cuddly cupids are delivering packages to people in Ludgershall, Roman Way, Charlton, The Chariots and more.

Earlier this month Andover Radio asked people to send in messages of ‘Lockdown Love’ for inclusion in the newspaper, with a chance to win some special gifts. The Love Andover Observer newspaper is a free fortnightly newspaper available at multiple locations around Andover, Ludgershall and Whitchurch.

Valentine's Day 2021
Sadie Bryant and family

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