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Spiritual corner with Marie Ponting

By Marie Ponting

March is here and so shortly will be Spring Equinox, Goddess Ostara/ Eostre (goddess of spring) is said to be responsible for turning a bird into a hare, so history tells us, the hare would then lay coloured eggs for the festival, which we would now commonly recognise as easter eggs!

She stands for fertility and rebirth. The terminology spring clean can be related to Ostara as a ritual regularly observed is in fact the good old ‘spring clean’. The full moon this month was Monday 6th March, and will be at its fullest peak on the 7th with the new moon arriving on the 21st.

Have you ever noticed your mood change with the moon, feeling lethargic at points or full of energy? The lunar cycle plays a huge part in our emotions and mood, have you noticed the word ‘lunatic’ or ‘lunacy’ are related to the lunar cycle, its not a surprise really when we look at the science, our body is 60% water and our blood is 90% water, what does the moon control…….. Water, the tide! Interesting isnt it.

Upcoming dates: Online drum circle with Sandie Alderman – last monday of the month 7.30-9 Spiritually connecting to your plant workshop Sunday 5th March 1-3pm Contact: Sandra 07834 208550

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Andover Alternatives meet once a month at Augusta Community hall 6-8, last Sunday of the month, varying topics, details on the fb page. March is everything Crystals with Andrea Webb. Fire ceremonies – releasing what no longer serves you, Tarot Courses, Retreats, readings.

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