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Station Inn

The Station Inn is an 18th century Coaching Inn, formerly known as “Eight Bells” which was built in 1790, next to the Andover to Redbridge Canal. When the Andover to Southampton railway was constructed, it changed its name to the ‘’ Railway Hotel’’ for a short period of time and since 1874 it goes by the name “Station Inn”.

The Station Inn is well known for live music and you can always be sure of a great time.

The Station has 7 beautiful comfy rooms complete with en-suite so if you’re staying if the area the Station is the place to get your head down.

Here are the upcoming events for 2019:

09/02/2019 Union King
16/02/2019 The Lowriders
18/02/2019 Monday Blues Jam
23/02/2019 Less is More
02/03/2019 One in the Chamber
09/03/2019 80 Proof Mojo
16/03/2019 The Consultancy Band
18/03/2019 Monday Blues Jam
23/03/2019 UPRAW
30/03/2019 Killer Bunny
06/04/2019 No Way Out
13/04/2019 Ohms Law
15/04/2019 Monday Blues Jam
20/04/2019 The Worried Men
27/04/2019 Crow’s Foot
04/05/2019 Runaway Train
11/05/2019 Less is More
18/05/2019 The Lowriders
20/05/2019 Monday Blues Jam
01/06/2019 Killer Bunny
08/06/2019 The Consultancy Band
15/06/2019 One in the Chamber
17/06/2019 Monday Blues Jam
22/06/2019 The Soulcatchers
29/06/2019 No Way Out
06/07/2019 Morefest
13/07/2019 Ohms Law
15/07/2019 Monday Blues Jam
20/07/2019 Crow’s Foot
27/07/2019 13 Lies
03/08/2019 Less is More
10/08/2019 Union King
17/08/2019 Runaway Train
19/08/2019 Monday Blues Jam
24/08/2019 UPRAW
31/08/2019 Killer Bunny
07/09/2019 The Lowriders
14/09/2019 The Consultancy Band
16/09/2019 Monday Blues Jam
21/09/2019 The Worried Men
28/09/2019 No Way Out
05/10/2019 The Soulcatchers
12/10/2019 One in the Chamber
19/10/2019 80 Proof Mojo
21/10/2019 Monday Blues Jam
26/10/2019 Crow’s Foot
02/11/2019 Killer Bunny
09/11/2019 The Worried Men
16/11/2019 Union King
18/11/2019 Monday Blues Jam
23/11/2019 UPRAW
30/11/2019 The Lowriders
07/12/2019 One in the Chamber
14/12/2019 The Consultancy Band
16/12/2019 Monday Blues Jam
21/12/2019 Less is More
28/12/2019 NO BAND