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The Bigger Build Project for Abel’s Enhanced Quality of Life

Project Abel, also known as “The Bigger Build,” is a heartfelt endeavour aimed at enhancing the quality of life for a remarkable young boy named Abel.

Born with challenging health conditions including Mitochondrial Disease, Leigh’s Disease, and Narp mutation, Abel faces daily struggles ranging from constant spasms and seizures to sensory impairments. Despite these hurdles, Abel’s spirit remains resilient, and his family’s unwavering dedication to his well-being is evident in their efforts to create a more accessible and comfortable environment for him.

The journey began when Abel’s family made the decision to relocate to a new home in pursuit of a space better suited to accommodate Abel’s needs. While this move marked a significant improvement in Abel’s happiness and comfort, further adaptations are required to fully optimise his living conditions. One of the primary challenges they face is the limited accessibility within their current home, particularly in the kitchen and garden areas. The cramped kitchen space and deteriorating garden steps pose significant obstacles for Abel, restricting his mobility and access to essential areas of the home.

The proposed solution involves an extension to their home, which would not only address these accessibility issues but also provide additional benefits for Abel. A larger bathroom will accommodate a high-low bath, offering him the space and comfort necessary for his daily care routine. Furthermore, an expanded bedroom will not only create storage space for Abel’s medical equipment but also incorporate a slope for easy access to the garden, enabling him to enjoy outdoor activities safely and comfortably.

Central to the design of this extension is the creation of a sensory area within Abel’s bedroom. Tailored to his preferences, including soft lighting and comforting elements, this space will serve as a sanctuary where Abel can relax and find solace amidst his daily challenges. Such sensory stimulation is not only enjoyable for Abel but also plays a crucial role in his overall well-being, providing therapeutic benefits and moments of respite for both him and his family.

The financial aspect of Project Abel poses a significant hurdle, as the funds from loans are insufficient to cover the expenses associated with the proposed adaptations. Abel’s family recognises the importance of community support in turning their vision into reality, appealing for assistance from individuals who share their love, support, and belief in their son. Every contribution, no matter how small, is a step towards making a tangible difference in Abel’s life, offering him the comfort, accessibility, and dignity he deserves.

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Abel’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love and determination in overcoming adversity. Through Project Abel, his family seeks to provide him with the best possible environment to thrive, ensuring that he continues to inspire others with his strength and unwavering spirit. Together, let us rally behind Abel and his family, making their dream of a better quality of life a reality.

The Abel Foundation was established to extend support beyond Abel’s immediate needs, aiming to assist others affected by Mitochondrial Disease and their families. Recognizing the profound impact of this life-limiting disease, the foundation operates as a beacon of hope and guidance for individuals navigating the complexities of managing the condition.

With a commitment to providing comprehensive support, the foundation operates a 24-hour support network, offering a listening ear and practical assistance to those in need. Efforts are underway to enhance community engagement through the development of a dedicated community room, facilitating support group meetings and knowledge sharing.

Looking ahead, the foundation aims to expand its services by providing onsite counsellors in hospitals and offering financial aid for essential equipment and respite care. Named in honour of Abel Noakes, whose resilience and spirit inspire its mission, The Abel Foundation stands as a testament to the dedication of Abel’s parents in supporting others facing similar challenges.

In closing, Abel’s family extends their heartfelt gratitude to all who lend their support, reaffirming their commitment to providing him with a life filled with love, comfort, and endless possibilities.