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The online fitness coach who is changing ladies lives

Leah Mansbridge is living her dream in helping women not only achieve their fitness goals but also help their mental wellbeing.

Leah of LJ Fitness has a unique online coaching system that helps women through their fitness journey. Leah uses a personal approach and tailors each clients plans for them and their busy lives. By working online women can do their workouts in the comfort of their own home without the need to go to a gym.

Leah said “I work with busy, hard working ladies to build incredible bodies, a solid mindset & unstoppable confidence. 

“I started working as an Online Fitness Coach in April 2021, fitness was a massive passion of mine and it was clear to me how women’s mental & physical health was quickly declining, especially throughout the pandemic. 

“I then began to create a community group for my team so they could share their wins, their struggles, share ideas but ultimately so they did not feel alone in their journey.”

Leah has change many lives and also created a community of like minded ladies. Leah added “We now have an amazing group of likeminded ladies who regularly meet for social events like local walks. 

“Within the community group I share regular recipes which help my ladies enjoy tasty & wholesome foods which are cost effective and easy to make, proving that healthy eating does not have to be boring or expensive”.

Leah ensures that the plans that she designs are achievable and works within the busy schedule of her clients and no cheat paths or unrealistic expectations.

Leah said “I aim to help ladies better their mental & physical health by showing them that they do not have to restrict themselves, they do not have to use fad diets and that fitness does not just have to be about the gym, it can truly be whatever you enjoy doing. 

This is so much more than a job for me, it’s doing something I love day in day out to better the community and watching ladies completely turning their lives around.

So far Leah has helped change 38 ladies’ lives, some wins including dropping 4 dress sizes, enabling ladies to come off antidepressants, helping ladies understand how they can be in control of their lives and their lives not controlling them. 

But ultimately enabling them to find their true self again. 

LjFitness is all about bettering people’s mental & physical health but also the education behind it all. Every part of someone’s journey is tailored specifically to them, their lifestyle and what they enjoy, and that is why their team gets success stories, because everything compliments their life rather than complicates. 

Leah said on the future “Ultimately my goal is to work and help as many ladies as possible to show them that everyone has the chance to be the best version of themselves, and that they truly deserve that”

To get in touch with Leah:

Contact details are… 

Mobile- 07876116964

Facebook- Leah Mansbridge

Instagram- Leahjanefitness_