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The Salt Lounge – Basingstoke -Family room Review 2018

On Saturday 29th December 2018, my family took the train to Basingstoke to visit The Salt Lounge in Basingstoke.

What is a Salt Lounge?

The Salt Lounge is Basingstoke’s first salt therapy space.

Salt treatment is using the natural goodness of salt for a completely natural way to help and alleviate the symptoms for a range of conditions affecting the respiratory system and the skin. It simply involves the inhalation of salt-infused air in a specialist treatment room. Salt treatment is also good for the mind and soul as it helps you to relax and unwind which reduces stress levels and promotes better sleep.

When micro-salt- particles are inhaled they penetrate deep into the lungs, airways and skin relieving congestion, inflammation and skin irritations.Both adults and children can benefit from salt therapy. They have a dedicated children’s lounge full of toys and entertainment to keep  younger guests amused during their treatment. A child’s therapy session lasts for 45 minutes.

Salt treatment is a 100% natural and totally safe procedure.

What do you wear?

Comfortable clothes. That you can relax in.

Where is it?


Our visit

We arrived ten minutes early so that we had time to use the toilet, fill out the paperwork and listen to any instrustions that we needed to be aware of before entering the room. We were provided with a hairnet each to wear and given the option to either remove shoes and socks or to wear shoe covers. We were given a locker, free of charge in which to place all of our belongings.

The family room accommodates up to 4 children plus their accompanying adults at any one time, so we shared our session with another mum and her two younger children.

The family room has adult and child sized seating, and a selection of toys, magazines and books. It also has a TV, on which Peppa pig is played.

Once we were all settled in the room, the lights were slightly dimmed and salt was pumped through some vents into the room. I sat back in one of the chairs and read one of the magazines provided. Whilst my youngest enjoyed playing with the salt on the floor.

What we thought

It was a relaxing 45 minutes, and a nice way to spend time together as a family.

They offer a free session so that you can try it out before you buy. So why not book yourself a free session here and see what you think.

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