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Time At The Bar: The Ark Bar Bids Farewell

In a heartfelt announcement, The Ark Bar has decided to call time at the bar and close its doors after a year of operation. Owner Jason Wyatt, the driving force behind the establishment, cited location challenges and licensing restrictions as the primary reasons for this difficult decision.

Reflecting on the journey, Jason expressed his gratitude to the incredible people he met within the industry and the local community. Despite the challenges, The Ark Bar was fortunate to have the support of positive individuals who believed in its vision. Jason extended a heartfelt thank you to those who stood by him and embraced what The Ark Bar represented in the community.

WATCH: Jason’s announcement

Amidst the trials, Jason acknowledged the unwavering support of his girlfriend, Zoe, who served as his rock throughout the entire experience. Her dedication, including working for free, played a crucial role in keeping the establishment afloat during challenging times.

The learning experience gained from running The Ark Bar will not go in vain. Jason emphasized that the lessons learned over the past year would accompany him into the future, shaping his perspective and approach to future endeavours.

One of The Ark Bar’s significant contributions to the local community was its role as a venue for local music acts. The bar provided a platform for budding artists, hosting live music regularly to the delight of patrons. With its doors mainly open on weekends, The Ark Bar became a hub for entertainment enthusiasts seeking a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond its role in the local music scene, The Ark Bar actively engaged with various community groups. The establishment opened its doors to these groups, providing a space for gatherings, meetings, and events. Notably, The Ark Bar formed a close partnership with The Yellow Brick Road project, underscoring its commitment to supporting community initiatives. They helped raised £850 in 2023.

As The Ark Bar bids farewell, its impact on the local community and the memories created within its walls will be fondly remembered. The closure is a testament to the challenges faced by small businesses in navigating the complex landscape of location and regulatory constraints. Despite the closure, Jason Wyatt and The Ark Bar leave behind a legacy of community engagement, support for local artists, and a commitment to making a positive impact.