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Town council leaves proms event in the lurch

Andover Proms in the Park
Proms in the Park launch at Vigo Park

A planned ‘Last Night of the Proms’ event has been deserted by Andover town council, which voted to withdraw its support.

At a Community Engagement meeting last night, it is understood councillors voted to drop the event which they had been planning since the beginning of the year.  The event was to raise funds for local charities Andover Mind and Countess of Brecknock Hospice.

The ticketed Andover Proms event is planned for Vigo Park on Saturday 9th September, where local musical acts, food and live coverage of the Albert Hall finale would converge to give Andover a patriotic and Union Flag waving cultural experience.

Event organiser Cllr Richard Rowles said he was “disappointed” in the town council’s decision to withdraw from the event and “let down two local charities”. When we contacted Cllr Rowles he said, “I am already getting positive responses from alternative ways to put this event on for the town“.

No response from the town council has been received by Love Andover.

Andover Town Council Response (22/07/2017 at 9:25am)

Press release from the Town Council:

A meeting of the Andover Town Council Community Engagement Committee was held on Thursday 20 July 2017 in the Guildhall. One of the items on the Agenda was Proms in the Park Andover 2017. The report given by the Proms in the Park Working Group indicated that financial sponsorship had not been secured, leaving Andover Town Council with a potential liability of over £20,000 for the event. Andover Town Council welcomes new and innovative events in the town, and as guardians of public money cannot commit to such a significant, and unexpected cost. Andover Town Council will investigate Proms in the Park for 2018, if it is of interest to Andover residents, using the lessons learned from this year. At this time the decision has been made that Andover Town Council has withdrawn its Public Liability Insurance and all administrative support for the 2017 event.’

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