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Uniting for a Cause: The Abel Foundation’s Annual Charity Dinner, Auction, Raffle and Casino Night Raises a Total of £11500

The Abel Foundation would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended their annual ball on Saturday 4th March 2023. The unwavering support and generosity of attendees helped raise an incredible £11500 towards the foundation’s mission of aiding sufferers of Mitochondrial Disease and supporting their families.

The evening was a huge success our members of the public and local businesses came together for the annual do. The evening was hosted by Patron Jordan Wylie. The evening had a successful auction and raffle as well as a fun casino style night of games.

Mitochondrial Disease is a life-limiting illness affecting both children and adults, with no known cure. The Abel Foundation was created to provide support to those affected by this disease through a 24-hour support network via phone, email, and text. The foundation’s dedicated team is always available to listen and offer assistance to those who need it most.

Abel Noakes was the inspiration for founding the charity which is named after him. Born in September 2014, he has been battling this disease all of his young life.

When Abel was born his blood was showing very high acid levels. He was 3 weeks old before his parents Tony and Claire could take him home and were left in the dark as to what had caused the problem.

5 months later things started going wrong. After lots of stressful tests, Tony, Claire and baby Abel returned home and had to wait for results around 8 weeks.

Tony said “The reason for wanting to help others was the lack of information and understanding out there when he was diagnosed, it took months to find out what was wrong with Abel.  We were scrambling around in the dark with only stress and worry to deal with”.

Finally they were told that Abel had something called Mitochondrial disease but the doctors knew little about this disease, so they resorted to the internet to research how they could help their son.

Abel has got Leighs Mitochondrial Disease with Narp Mutation. There is no cure – just a lot of vitamins can be administered to support him. Also its a matter of just keeping Abel well keeping him safe from viruses as they can lead to further illnesses, which to Abel can be life threatening.

Abel had just turned 9 months old when he got home. Frustrated with the lack of support and knowledge of this disease Tony and Claire set up The Abel Foundation in 2015 to help provide support for sufferers and the families of Mitochondrial Disease.

The evening was made possible thanks to the generosity of the foundation’s sponsors. Their contributions helped make the night unforgettable and truly made a difference in the success of the event.

The Abel Foundation is excited to announce that their next ball is scheduled for Sat 2nd March 2024. They hope that attendees can join them once again to continue their mission of making a difference in the lives of those affected by Mitochondrial Disease.

The foundation is dedicated to providing support and making a difference in the fight against Mitochondrial Disease. With the help of their supporters, they believe they can achieve their mission of aiding those affected by this life-limiting illness. Thank you again for your incredible generosity and support. The Abel Foundation looks forward to continuing their work with the community by their side.