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Walk N Talk 4 Mental Health campaign

Walk N Talk launched on Thursday 10th June. They meet at the Anton Arms, Andover SP10 2JN, and enjoyed a walk around Rooksbury Lakes and ended up back at the Anton Arms.

The main vision of the campaign is to normalise conversations about Mental Health. It is okay not to be okay.

Jude Price, the founder of this group told Andover Radio, “Thursday 10th June was a landmark occasion for the Walk N Talk 4 Mental Health campaign. 20 people celebrated the launch with us, revelling in the simplicity of walking and talking. Feedback showed that an hours walk does wonders for stress levels, made all the more enjoyable in the company of others. The local Andover walks on a Tuesday and Thursday are to encourage people to be aware of their mental health and to take a break to recharge. The more natural we are talking about mental health the more normal it will become. Go to for when and where our next walks are.’

Please give Jude a call on 07795423101 to find out more and book your space.