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What would you like to see in your local park?

With the Andover Masterplan proposing an extension to Vigo Recreation Ground, Test Valley Borough Council has this week launched a consultation to gather feedback from residents.

One of the suggestions from the masterplan includes an extended park in this area, with the council eager to gather views from residents on how this may look and work. They want to understand how Vigo Rec is being used now, what would encourage more people to use it and how TVBC can reflect those comments in how the space is managed now and into the future.

Over the next few months, TVBC will be engaging with clubs, schools, community groups and disability forums to help gain views ahead of forming a management plan for the recreation ground and possible additions to the site.

As well as an online survey, multiple events will be held across different venues around the town until August, with a report and further analysis being carried out after the close of the consultation, until the plan is drafted early next year.

To access the survey click HERE