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Will you be watching The Super Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse ?

Have you seen the supermoon this evening ?

Get ready to see The Super Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclispe.

The timings can be found on the Royal museums Greenwich website here

The Moon will start to enter the Earth’s shadow just after 2:30am GMT and the maximum eclipse will occur just before 5:15am. The entire eclipse lasts for more than five hours, ending at 7:48am.

The optimal viewing time to see the eclipse is between 4:41am – 5:43am. This is the period of totality, where the moon lies entirely in the Earth’s umbra (full shadow) and will appear red.

The Moon becomes super when it is the closest to the Earth, it is huge and bright, it looks magical.

As well as being a Supermoon, this month’s full moon will also experience a lunar eclipse, taking on a reddish/orangish tint during transit.

Open them curtains and look outside.

If you manage to take some fantastic photos we would love to see them and share them. Email them over to us at