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A little Bag of Happiness

Did you receive a ‘little bag of happiness’ today? Local business woman Lindy has been busy spreading the love over the last few days, with little pick me up bags containing sentimental messages.

Lindy had asked for people on social media, to nominate who they thought could do with a little kindness sent their way. And has had an overwhelming response.

What started as just wanting to spread a little bit of love has turned into a mass distribution with the added bonus of friendship building and touching peoples hearts when they need it most.

Lindy, owner of award winning Lindy’s catering business explained to Andover Radio that this random act of spreading some love was originally to fill her time during lockdown.

“When Covid hit, it destroyed my business. I had not long made some big investments when it came to a halt. It was devastating.

“I had built my business up over the years and won many awards including ‘small business of the year’ life was busy. Lockdown was very hard and I needed to keep my brain busy, and it was then I started cooking for the elderly or friends who needed it, just to keep active.

From then I went on to make scrub bags and masks from the NHS, and I don’t want gratification for it, knowing I’ve helped is enough.

I can recall, a few year ago I was having a really hard time and a friend of mine gave me a little pocket of messages and it meant so much to me. So I started making little things like this for the community

I want our community to be positive and not doom and gloom. Lockdown and Covid has been really hard for everyone. I’ve learnt that money is not important, but people are.

On Tuesday Lindy delivered her little bags containing important pick me up messages to lots of organisations around Andover, including the Countness of Brecknock, to give out to people who ‘could do with a little kindness’.

People are able to donate to a charity ‘Cardiac Risk in the Young’ which close to Lindys family due to her inspirational daughter having 3 lots of heart surgery and her step daughter,due to take part in a long distance bike ride after her friend had a cardiac arrest whilst volunteering at a summer camp.

It is not essential but if people would like to donate £3 or £4 to cover the postage, that money will be put back into the fundraiser. The money will be used to provide cardiac screening (ECG and ECHO) for young adults aged 14-35.

Currently this screening can only be done through the NHS if there has been a young sudden death or cardiac arrest in the family or if an individual has cardiac symptoms.

Unfortunately many cardiac conditions that result in sudden cardiac death go undiagnosed. By screening and identifying these conditions it can stop other young people from having cardiac arrests that more commonly than not lead to death or life changing injuries.

With already 85 bags delivered on Tuesday, Lindy hopes to deliver another 130 today.

I really didn’t expect there to be so many nominations and I am replying to each and every message too as I don’t want to be faceless.

Some of the stories are so sad, but being there for people is what is important. It’s a cycle of kindness, they nominate someone they feel could value it and I deliver to them.”

We all have a story to tell and a book of life, with different chapters and everyone with struggle on a chapter at some point. So let’s spread a little happiness.