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A ‘Rae’ of light for Christmas, can you keep the secret?

Supermarket assistant Sarah, has a big secret. She is planning on shaving her hair off for her best friend’s daughter, Rae, who at 14 has to undergo intensive cancer treatment all over the festive period. Having already raised £1500, Sarah is hoping to present the money and her shaven head to Rae in hope to give her a little Christmas cheer.

Early in the summer Rae found a lump which was removed and found to be cancer, synovial sarcoma. She has been told to start chemotherapy straight away and radiotherapy for between 3-6 months. Sarah said “Rae has just finished her first round of chemo. They are both tired and fed up already”

Rae is just 14 years old, and the treatment may have long term effects on her heart, kidneys, and make her infertile. She will lose her hair in the next ten days and feel ill throughout this journey.

Her mum, Nicky is not able to work as she will be to be with Rae throughout the treatment as it means lots of overnight stays in hospital. Over Xmas they are also having to stay in Manchester hospital for further radiotherapy for up to 6 weeks!

Sarah said “it’s so much for a young girl to be put through”.

On Sarah’s birthday 21st October, she will be shaving her hair to raise enough money for Rae and her family to enjoy a carefree Christmas.

Sarah told Andover Radio 95.5fm Rae has just had her first round of chemo and found it extremely difficult and she has more to endure and on top of that she has to spend Christmas miles away from home”

Best friend, Sarah explained this is a big deal for her “I am very self-conscious, I don’t particularly like my forehead, so I am going to have nowhere to hide, but at least I have a choice unlike Rae so I’m grateful not to be ill.”

The support Sarah has received for this special teenage has been “Overwhelming” with the community donating to give Rae a Christmas she and her family can enjoy. Business owner Donna Jackson at Andover Aesthetic Practitioners has offered treatments for customers totalling over £300 which has been donated to support Rae.

Sarah told Andover Radio “peoples generosity has far exceeded anything I had hoped to achieve; the hard bit will be keeping it a secret”

Nicky doesn’t have social media so it’s down to you to KEEP IT A SECRET. If you would like to donate and give ‘a little Rae of light’ click HERE

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