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Andover Children’s Book Swap

Louise Martin has set up a new Facebook group, where local parents in Andover are encouraged to book swap their children’s books.

Louise says, “I made this group because my daughter loves to read and I always buy her so many books and each time, she astounds me with how fast she finishes them.”

The rules of the group are

– swaps only, no cash sales

– you must ensure you upkeep your end of the deal of the swap

– post photos/list of what you would like to swap on the Facebook page and others who are interested can comment with what they would like to swap for

– be nice to one another at all times

– in the current pandemic please ensure that you wipe down the covers with an antibacterial wipe upon swapping and also upon receipt of the new swapped books

– please arrange door step or outdoor mutual place swap and remain two metres apart

You can join the Facebook page here